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Prices : No fishing card necessary to fish in the Garnet pond.

The river passing through the mill is of 2nd catégorie. On the guide "recreational fishing in Eure-et-Loir", a fishing area (No. 5) begins at the mill, on the left bank of the Voise and run until Garnet bridge on 300m long. This area is managed by the Auneau Fishing Association (02 37 31 52 84). Information is also available on the website of the Federation pêche d’Eure-et-Loir

Our fishermen friends can also spend the day at the Levainville pond (100 m from the mill). Created on the site of a former peat bog, the banks are arranged in a few benches for walkers and fishermen. It is also possible to picnic. Can be caught, among other things, carp, roach, catfish, trout (regular release) ...

It is also possible, upon request, to fish upstream of the mill (private) or borrow our boat ....