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Hiking/Mountain Biking



Hiking in the vallée of the Voise and Aunay rivers :
The circuit passes through the mill.
18km circuit to discover in its path : Auneau and its castle, the site ofarchaeological excavations, the Great Marsh, the church of Saint Remy, Church of St. Etienne, Equillemont

Les Grands Marais/TheGrand Marshes :

The site is 11 hectares wide and is owned by the Regional conservatory of Natural resources of the centre region.
The tour takes about 1hour and goes along the Voise and through the woods. It is a discovery trip of different animal species and vegetation in the wet zone.
The departure point is 2km from the Mill.

Vélorail du Pays Chartrain :
At 5 km from the mill, from April to October, take the old railway line Paris-Chartres by Gallardon for 6.5 km Family ride !
Tel : 09 54 40 00 00

Hiking trails "at 1H from Paris" brochure 
-Going thought the mill : 
Randonnée en Vallée de la Voise et de l’Aunay : 
18km (4H30) tagged wooded valleys and plains ; possibility of cutting the course ; 
IGN map 1 / 25000 ° blue series 2116E 
Mountain bike accessible ; prospectus with map and points along the way

Nearby : 
Randonnée des Sources de la Roguenettte à la Plaine de Beauce 

18 à 22km (4H30) tagged between Sours, Berchères-les-pierres, Nogent-le-Phaye 
IGN map 1/25000° serie bleue n°2116 - 2117 
folding card available at the mill

MOUNTAIN BIKE TRAILS in the Eure Valley "at 1H from Paris" :

Circuit Mountain bike - Courville 
17 à 23 km (2H à 2H30) tagged between Pontguoin, Courville-sur-Eure, St-Luperce - possibility 40km tagged 
IGN map 1/50000° série orange n°2016 
folding card available at the mill

Circuit VTT - Lèves Maintenon 
15, 27 ou 42 km tagged between Lèves and Maintenon (1H45, 3H, 5 to 6H of riding 
IGN map 1/50000° série orange n°2116 
folding card available at the mill

Topo-guide "L’Eure & Loir à pied" with mountain bike circuits fromm FRP Federation. 


Walking, VTT, bike, vélorail, rollers, glider, ULM, paragliding, hot-air balloon, plane, golf, horseback riding, fishing.... near the Mill are discribed in the page Activités of this site !